Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Iron Giant: Movie Review by Jonathan K

I watched The Iron Giant today and I enjoyed it greatly! This was a 1999 Warner Bros. animated film which was recommended by Josh Lindsay and Skye Jethani on The Movie Proposal Podcast on YouTube. I had never seen it before. I had hardly heard of this film until recent years. 
The animation is bold, crisp and well-acted. Most of the visuals are traditional animation and I believe the Giant is CGI. The film looks very expensive because the animation is such good quality. Events like snow and sunset are used to good effect.

The score is practical, purposeful and carried me along the journey. I gladly went for the ride.
It was a pleasant surprise to see that Jennifer Aniston acted as the voice of Hogarth's mother. She did a good job of the worried mother without being cliched. The Friends sitcom was airing at this time, and was also produced by Warner Bros.. This makes me wonder if Aniston had a role in animated film as part of her contract with Warner Bros.. The actor voicing the boy called Hogarth did well too. The execution of his character would have been a stereotype of a young boy, except for the innocence and depth that the actor brings to the part.
The story of The Iron Giant is a strong, simple, meaningful story which is strongly and confidently told by Brad Bird. I know he also directed a couple of Pixar Films, and the panned Tomorrowland. I can see how he was given large projects, given how he handled this modest one with such superior storytelling skill.