Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Top 5 VeggieTales Silly Songs since you grew up

VeggieTales, the outrageously popular animated Video series created by Phil Vischer, was at it's peak of success between 1999 and 2002, when Larry-Boy and the Rumour Weed and Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie were released.

You might remember the famous "Silly Songs With Larry" segment which was where this classic song came from:

But they've still  been making VeggieTales since you finished 5th Grade. What gloriously clever Silly Songs have been released while you grew up?? Here is my Top 5. As one of my friends said, when I showed him this list said, "This will be a feast for my eyes and ears!"

Top 5 VeggieTales Silly Songs since you grew up!

5. "Sneeze If You Need To" was the only good thing about the worst VeggieTales DVD ever called "Abe and the Amazing Promise" (That's what you get when you ask an editor to direct!) But I'm glad this song is here because it's delightful! I love the movement of Bob rolling around the set - but why would he roll? You'll see in the video below:

4. "Astonishing Wigs" is the most underrated Silly Song ever! It is a simple little video but it's very well executed:

3. "Donuts For Benny" was a satire of overly sentimental Christmas songs (and it's lit really nicely, in my opinion!):

2. "Pizza Angel" is Classic VeggieTales! Inspired by 1950s Rock Ballads a la Grease - I love it!

1. There's one line from "Monkey" that will get stuck in your head - in a good way! "If it doesn't have a tail..." - wait, I don't wanna spoil it for you!

I trust you have enjoyed my presentation of these links. Leave a comment below to give me your opinion. Or are you like me, and never grew out of VeggieTales? Leave me your Top 5 Silly Songs since 2002 in the comments!

Have a great day - go on a walk! You might see a monkey (or some astonishing wigs!)