Thursday, January 31, 2013

Movie Reviews Behind the Scenes

Movie Reviews - Behind the Scenes

By Jonathan C. Parsons

Rise of the Guardians Movie Review

I really enjoyed this Dreamwork's Animation Christmas movie. Click on the above link to see my review over at the Light FM website.

I wrote this review very soon after I saw the movie in the cinemas. I find it much easier to write a review as soon after I see the movie as possible. For Les Miserables, below, I wrote the review almost two weeks after I saw the movie, so it wasn't as fresh in my mind.

I looked at heaps of images to find the right one for this review, and went with the official poster eventually. I am not happy that it is so small - you can't really see the faces well. That's my fault, I guess. I guess I should use the "size" filter on Google images next time.

Les Miserable Movie Review

As I said above, I wrote this review much later than I saw the film. It made it difficult to write the review, so in the future I will be writing the review straight after seeing the movie.

I likes this movie a lot, which I hope comes across in the review.

I was re-reading this online the other day and I noticed that the flow is not very good in parts of the review. It is a balance between writing for meaning, and writing so it is good writing!

Writing movie reviews for public publication is difficult, but I'm glad I do it. I'm contributing to good in the community and giving people ideas for entertainment.