Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Stranger's Smile

A Stranger's Smile 
Based on a true story

By Jonathan Parsons

John turned the corner. He saw 4 or 5 people waiting at the bus stop. He began to smile, as he always liked to do for strangers. He chose a man in his mid-thirties.The guy's shirt hung out on a corner and his eyes looked down past his shoes. He was just a bit too far away for John to see his face. 

Ah, there it was, the polite smile was returned. John turned away to cross the road. The library was near, and he had to check the old email.

“Hey, mate!” It was the friendly stranger. John turned to see him.
“Are you Adrian?”
Making a thousand assumptions and judgements about the stranger and his story, John replied. “No, I’m not Adrian.”
And why not end with another smile?

Photo credit: Brian Auer